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The Many Problems with BMI.

BMI is bullshit. There. I said it. Let’s face it, this blog’s lifeblood is mainly disproving common myths and so-called ‘facts’ about obesity. Even I’ll admit that some of what I talk about can be a bit on the abstract … Continue reading

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The problem with ‘Love Your Body!’

Recently I stumbled across an article entitled ‘Don’t Tell Me To Love My Body‘ by Elyse. There’s a lot I loved about it, a lot of things that need to be understood in body-pos circles and a lot of things … Continue reading

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Avoiding Holiday Shame.

As much as everyone may love the holidays, there’s certain parts of the holiday season that every fat person (and even most non-fat people!) dreads. The (generally) once a year family get together where you’re bombarded with oh-so-many personal questions … Continue reading

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Fatshion, Networking, and Finding a Place for Myself.

(note: this post is copied directly from my Tumblr–but I think it’s a big reason why I’ve failed to update this blog in so long as well!) I’ve been meaning to make a post regarding this excellent blog post that Natalie wrote … Continue reading

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