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The Health Conundrum.

The biggest arguments I hear from people against Fat Acceptance is typically something about the following: “Being fat is unhealthy! It’s been proven!” “You’re going to get diabetes!” “You might be healthy now but what happens when it catches up … Continue reading

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Down with the ‘treats’!: A new low on ‘tricks’.

The other day I was reading an  article about the atrocities and horrors of the calorie count of the average Halloween candy haul of a US child. Considering how short this article was, I couldn’t believe how many times I … Continue reading

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Weight Loss and Fat Activism.

On my tumblr recently, I received the following question: Hey 🙂 don’t really know where to put this as it’s not a problem, but a response to something you have posted on this blog. Feel free to move it if … Continue reading

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Unplug Yourself!

I think that one of the defining moments of my life was the moment I realized that only I could choose whether to hate myself or love myself. As a fat girl in a world where everything seems to be … Continue reading

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What is Fat Acceptance? (sticky post!)

I’ve loaded this post with links to blogs, studies, research, and other valuable links to inform anyone who’s interested in learning the truth behind the so-called ‘obesity crisis.’ What is Fat Acceptance?: According to the Wikipedia page, Fat Acceptance is: … Continue reading

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Confidence and Weight.

Many people I know are losing weight recently, and that’s great, I’m absolutely happy for them. The majority of them are doing it the right way–watching what they eat, exercising, having a more healthy lifestyle in general. No fad diets, … Continue reading

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