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The Many Problems with BMI.

BMI is bullshit. There. I said it. Let’s face it, this blog’s lifeblood is mainly disproving common myths and so-called ‘facts’ about obesity. Even I’ll admit that some of what I talk about can be a bit on the abstract … Continue reading

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The problem with ‘Love Your Body!’

Recently I stumbled across an article entitled ‘Don’t Tell Me To Love My Body‘ by Elyse. There’s a lot I loved about it, a lot of things that need to be understood in body-pos circles and a lot of things … Continue reading

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Fat Bottomed Girls

This is a performance piece by Kim Selling called Fat Bottomed Girls. It singlehandedly defined my year, and the struggles I’ve gone through to finally come out the other side and love my body. I think it’s an important piece … Continue reading

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Unplug Yourself!

I think that one of the defining moments of my life was the moment I realized that only I could choose whether to hate myself or love myself. As a fat girl in a world where everything seems to be … Continue reading

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