Trigger warning for this post, *extreme* fat hate.

So, not sure where it originated from, but someone with too much time on their hands decided it would be funny/relevant to start the hashtag #fatshamingweek on twitter. So, being somewhat of a glutton for punishment, I took a few seconds to check out some of the tweets. These tweets that I’ve screenshot were all written within 3 hours. I didn’t even have to seach very hard, because there were dozens more like these in the few minutes that I looked. 

They ranged from your typical fat jokes:




To faux ‘concern’ and ‘tips’ for and about fat people:




Actual instructions encouraging violating the privacy of a fat person to make them feel badly about themselves:




To the actual suggestion that if you’re fat, you might be better off dead.



Multiply that by an entire week, and you start to get an idea of how pervasive this has been on twitter. Of course, there doesn’t need to be a week dedicated to shaming people, because if you live in a fat body, you are made to feel ashamed of it every single day. You are made into the butt of jokes and the subject of hatred (mostly from men, you’ll notice) simply for the way your body looks.

I guess this is how people like Ray Starke, Aura Angeles, Jacques LeActeur, and company spend their days. I wish they’d use their names so this blog post would pop up when potential employers google them, but c’est la vie.

I’ve heard people talking about how they’re “conflicted” about fat-shaming week, how they don’t think obesity is healthy or “ok” but they don’t agree with the bullying. Lets be very clear here: this is not about being fat. This is not about being healthy. This is about hating a group of people SO MUCH that you think it’s okay to publicly shame them to the point of insinuating that they should kill themselves. There is NOTHING okay with that, no excuse, and nothing to be “conflicted” about.

Let’s look at some truth, here.

Fun fact: ‘fat shaming week’ directly coincides with National Bullying Prevention Month.

You might also like to know that being bullied and shamed about your weight is proven to make you more likely to gain weight. And I quote: “Participants who experienced weight discrimination were approximately 2.5 times more likely to become obese by follow-up and participants who were obese at baseline were three times more likely to remain obese at follow up than those who had not experienced such discrimination.”

Of course this just goes to show that the people who condone and approve of something such as ‘fat shaming week’ have absolutely no vested interest in the health, well being, or happiness of any fat person, but really they just love to hear themselves talk. 

I’m not going to lie. This subject really hits close to home for me. As someone who was bullied out of high school mostly due to weight, as someone who hated their body until just a couple of years ago, seeing how widely accepted fat hate is, all of this hurts. I thought about not writing this blog, because in a way, doesn’t that mean the bad guys win? But I had to, because I still pretty often get comments that discrimination against fat people isn’t a real thing, and if it is and you don’t like it, duh, just lose weight.

But instead, I want to counteract this with some positivity. So here’s a list of links to help if you, like me, lost faith in humanity after finding out about Fat Shaming Week.

I Know Girls by Mary Lambert

Broken by Fat Heffalump

A great post about body image.

And to round this off, yesterday I discovered silkie chickens. And if this guy doesn’t make you smile, well, I don’t know what will.


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25 Responses to #fatshamingweek

  1. Herbi V Ditl says:

    humankind just makes me so sad some days

  2. Connie Rogers says:

    This twitter tag and its ilk is one of issues that makes me be embarrassed to be part of the human race.

  3. tifelayne says:

    Wow, that’s really horrible 😦 Makes me feel even uglier

    • Adipose Activist says:

      And that’s what’s so sad. Is that these people are taking a population of people who already suffer from severe self-esteem and body image issues, and making them feel even worse–they’re doing this intentionally, knowing full well that the effects are so negative. I simply can’t imagine how you could do that and still feel good about yourself.

      That said, you’re not ugly, and you shouldn’t let these pernicious comments get you down. I know how much easier said than done that is though. ❤

    • Carrie says:

      Please Tif, don’t let those sad angry useless subhumans make you feel bad. Don’t let them win!

  4. Ash says:

    Don’t let the jerks get you down! These people don’t deserve the time of day.

    Love your blog!

  5. Danae says:

    Thank you so much for this article and the silky chicken 😉
    These comments are spiteful and if their authors had just a bit more empathy I bet they would be deeply ashamed for the hurt they cause (I’d like to believe).
    This goes to show again one of the most painful realizations I had while growing up: there is this underlying conviction in our society that women (yes, mostly women) do not deserve to be loved when they are overweight…. And it can be a daily struggle not to be discouraged by that.

  6. Wow. That’s crazy! D: I don’t even know what to say. I’m not even sure if I’m feeling anything at the moment. But psh, I’m fat. And I don’t give a shit if these people don’t like me because I’ve got people who like me, anyway. So there. Nahhhhhhh *sticks tongue out.*

  7. Dollie says:

    We must have an uproar! I’m adding the hashtags #fuckfatshaming and #effyourbeautystandards to every I have to say about my beautiful, luscious body. Please do so as well if you feel inclined. Thank you.

  8. I propose the following two hashtags in response, to be used by people of all sizes to create a wave of internet positivity to combat this sick shaming bullshit. #ShameOnFatShamingWeek and #UNASHAMEDfatfolks

  9. Eselle says:

    This joyous idea is the brainchild of a guy named “Roosh” from a website called Return of Kings. It is one of those websites where men discuss running “Game” on women and bemoan the horrors of fat and feminism. There are zillions of anti-fat and anti-feminist articles on the site. It is amazing that anyone can actually believe that stuff. Do NOT go to the website unless you either have many sanity points or you can laugh at the total idiocy.

  10. Nice job writing this. I had no idea that people were so blatant and outspoken about their hate. Keep spreading the love and education.

  11. Kathy Edmondson says:

    I noticed that a lot of people who are saying all the fat shaming/hating comments don’t have real pictures on their profiles… convenient huh?

  12. I still don’t get what they’re trying to accomplish. The only thing that posting bunches of pictures of fat people does is to prove that the objective of reducing the number of fat people by shaming them is a century-long perpetual motion machine of FAIL!

  13. Chloe Walton says:

    Urgh! some people. I chose to be fat, I eat what I want, I walk everywhere, my job involves me standing on my feet 90% of the time so I do exercise, I couldn’t care what people thought of me, and if I did get a pic taken of me and posted on the internet I’d go “would you care for an autograph?” Would you do this to someone who’s way too skinny and suffer from anorexia? They are having a diet that involving them dying too not in the same way but it’s not a healthy lifestyle. of course not because people label them as hot and get them into modelling. Point is there is no shame in who you are whether you’re fat, skinny, black, white, Russian, Brazilian, Indian, short sighted, lanky or short? And people who don’t like it you can tell them to kiss your arse, you don’t have to impress them and whats so perfect about them anyway? So walk proud and say “I am me and if you don’t like it please put any comments in the I don’t care box”
    Peace out yo!

  14. vesta44 says:

    What I find so pitiful is that most of the people who spew their fat-hate online wouldn’t have the balls to do it in real life to our faces (not where I can reach them, physically, anyway). And I know this because I’ve been living my life fat at the world for the last almost 40 years (I’ve been 350+ lbs ever since my son was born in 1975, and I’m currently at 400 lbs, after a failed WLS). In that time, I’ve had 3 (yes, just 3) people who’ve had the nerve to say something about my weight to my face. They were strangers, and they got a very foul telling-off (I know enough swear words that I can make a sailor blush, one of the many advantages of being a bookworm) in return (that kind of thing brings out HelgaTheBitchGoddess in me). So when people spew this shit online, I chalk it up to ignorance and fear on their part, and ignore them. They’re trolls of the worst sort, looking for a reaction, and I refuse to give it to them online. Rule one of having an online presence is “Do NOT feed the trolls.” This is as true of twitter as it is on Facebook and blogs.

  15. Grace says:

    Haha, Kathy, I noticed they didn’t have real profiles, too! The poor bunnies must loathe their own appearances so much, they daren’t post a picture. So they know what it feels like, huh … Maybe they just wanna make everyone feel as bad as they do.

    Did you see that tweet about “thinspiration”? You know that refers to anorexia websites, where they all encourage each other to starve faster? Another critic with severe body issues of her own. Last I heard, starving kills you quicker than eating does …

  16. Mandy R says:

    Has anyone else noticed that NONE of these guys have the balls to post a real photo of themselves as their avatar?

  17. tania says:

    FEAR thats all i can say,, they were probably fat kids who grew up starving themselves and to keep their form, hate on fat people..pretty sad really…but give me fat before a shapeless boney twig anyday…curves rule

    • Adipose Activist says:

      While I understand where you’re coming from, I will never condone body shaming of anyone. Calling someone a “shapeless boney twig” is just as harmful. No one, for any reason, should be made to feel badly about their appearance.

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  19. Tigerflower says:

    I happened to Google your archived Old Navy post after viewing their current Thanksgiving holiday ad over on Hulu. In it they feature an overweight customer running out in the middle of a game show to go to Old Navy when she discovers they’re having a million dollar giveaway to celebrate the season. Not only did the woman in the ad seem to be the target of the humor, but, unless something has changed since your post, she still can’t shop for her own size in the store. So we’re supposed to believe overweight people can’t wait to get to Old Navy to shop for everyone but themselves? And here I’ve been for the last couple days looking for things I need and trying to find a place that sells them. Bite me Old Navy.

    So far as the horrific examples above, there’re some really sick people out there. Those of us who are obese, in spite of the health risks, don’t even come close to the lvl of messed up shown by the haters on this page.

  20. Monana says:

    It’s kind of sad, tragic, offensive and pathetic. At the same time, all it really proves is that you can’t cure stupid – and that some people will say/do anything to get attention. To be honest, I don’t think this relates to me as an overweight person at all. If some random person on the internet hiding behind an avatar halfway across the country thinks that everyone who isn’t skinny and looks like an airbrushed model should die, who cares? This kind of crap only has power over me, you and anyone else if you let it. It’s like trying to argue with someone who thinks that a person who’s gay should die or someone doesn’t deserve the same rights based on their skin color or gender – people who are so narrow-minded and abrasive to actively support and advocate persecution of someone who’s different from them are not even worth wasting a single brain cell on.

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