A few ideas for the holidays!

I’ve got another blog post in the works, I promise! I’ve got a ton of final projects for school to get done, plus I’m trying to prepare for my boyfriend’s Christmas visit in less than two weeks (I haven’t seen him since June, so of course everything has to be perfect!) But in the meantime, in the spirit of the holiday season, here are some awesome fat-positive products I’ve seen going around the internet that I think are fantastic! Great if you’re a fat or if you know someone who’s fat and would appreciate these. I’ve tried to stick with independent sellers instead of big name stores like Evans or Torrid, just little shops here and there that support good causes. So here we go!

Fancy Lady Industries ‘Fat’ necklace and ‘No Diet Talk’ brooch!!

The illustrious Definatalie has a knack for all kinds of fabulous fat-positive pieces. One of my greatest birthday gifts this year was my very own fat necklace. They sell out super fast, so definitely get your hands on one while you can! (you can get a 15% discount right now by using the code ‘FAT15’ at checkout!)

The ‘No Diet Talk’ brooches are a new product, and you can ‘wear it on your lapel or use it as a stencil for sprinkling icing sugar or powdered chocolate over hot beverages or small baked goods.’ How awesome is that? No Diet Talk cookies, anyone?

The 2012 Adipositivity Project Calendar (NSFW!)

This fabulous calendar features the gorgeous photography of Substantia Jones, the creator of the Adipositivity Project, a grassroots photography endeavor to photograph fat bodies in all their beauty instead of the normal ‘headless fatties’ shots we see in mass media. I would be honored to have this on my wall!

Marilyn Wann’s 2012 Fat!So? Day Planner!

Fabulous and functional! Marilyn Wann is practically my Fat Activism hero, and she’s done so much to forward the movement that anything she put out, I’d probably pawn off to my readers. But this is adorable. It comes with animal paperclips and has tongue-in-cheek activities like ‘decorate your muffintop!’ It’s a steal at only $14, and all the proceeds go to an awesome cause!

Big Big Love: A Sourcebook on Sex for People of Size and Those Who Love Them by Hanne Blank

A book about sex for fat people. Do I really need to say more? I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews for this book. It promotes not fearing your body, and being inventive, and it’s smart and fiery and funny.

Here’s a quote!

“Fat people have sex. Sweet, tender, luscious sex. Sweaty, feral, sheet-ripping sex. Shivery, jiggly, gasping sex. Sentimental, slow, face-cradling sex. Even as you read these words, there are fat people out there somewhere joyously getting their freak on. Not only that, but fat people are falling in love, having hook ups, being crushed-out, putting on sexy lingerie, being the objects of other people’s lust, flirting, primping before hot dates, melting a little as they read romantic notes from their sweeties, seducing and being seduced, and having shuddering, toe-curling orgasms that are as big as they are.”

And last but not least!


Shawna, aka chubbycartwheels, recently began selling clothes! She’s got awesome skirts, leggings, jackets, and accessories in myriad fabrics at totally reasonable prices. My favorite part? She goes to a size 32 and doesn’t stop at a size 24 like so many plus size retailers these days! She’s just getting off the ground, and I’m sure there’ll be more product to come!

Perhaps now there’s a couple things you can add to your wishlist, or maybe even treat yourself! (c’mon, the holidays can be tough, it’s okay to spoil yourself a little!)

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