This is my first attempt at being a ‘serious’ blogger.

I’ve used my tumblr for over a year now, and over the past 7 months or so it’s become less fun and memes and pictures and more articles and activism. Mostly in the sphere of Fat Acceptance, but also with many other social and political issues.

I decided I need a place for my own words, and my own words only, instead of constant reblogs and pictures and links from other people with a smattering of my own thoughts in between. This will make it easier for me to keep track, and also hopefully improve my visibility within the Fat Acceptance movement, which is very dear to me.

That being said, welcome! My name is Amber, and this is my new blog! Please bear with me as I adjust to using a whole new website to share my thoughts. My first few posts are going to be copied and pasted directly from my tumblr, personal posts that I’ve made over the months that I’d like to have all in one place.

As always, feedback is always welcome, as are questions, comments, and concerns. Stay tuned!

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